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Congestion in transport: Transportation and strategic distribution

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  1. Introduction
  2. Description and causes of congestion
  3. The road sector
  4. The airline industry
  5. The railway sector
  6. The maritime sector
  7. What are the solutions to resolve congestion's lake?
  8. One of the remedies for congestion is the price
  9. How can we solve congestion issues in air transport?
  10. Outlook for port and maritime congestion
  11. The solutions proposed in the rail transport
  12. Conclusion

The term of congestion refers to the degradation of the quality of service when the number of user increases. This phenomenon is characterized by the emergence of delays or even bottlenecks during periods of heavy traffic. Particularly when the capacity of infrastructure is insufficient to regulate flows. This is particularly problematic in the field of Maritime / air transport and rail due to their features (points of departure and destination fixed, fixed slots). In the road sector, the problem is present (locally and periodically) especially in large cities and during holidays.

What is the degree of the congestion? What are the costs for society? How can we improve that? Trough this case study, we will explain you this huge problem and will try to show you some solutions. We will study in the first part the reasons for congestion in areas Road, rail, Maritime and air. In a second step we will try to answer and to find solution to these issues.

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