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Can we consider corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a mean of recognition for multinational company?

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the relation between CSR and multinationals company according to literature?
    1. The CSR: a concept in thought
    2. Sustainable pressure on business and legal framework
    3. An investment in the long term
    4. Conclusion - Hypothesis
  3. Consumers & Multinationals point of view: How can we test this relation?
    1. Quantitative study: What is your perception of CSR?
    2. Qualitative study: What is the relationship between your company and CSR?
    3. How did we conduct the empirical part?
    4. Contribution of practical case
    5. Recommendation
  4. Conclusion

Ethics has been a very important subject for thinkers since ancient times. The definition of ethics, a reflection on the reasons for desiring justice and harmony and how to achieve these, will be a valuable aid in the development of this thesis. It establishes the criteria for acting freely in a convenient location and making the choice of a behavior with respect for oneself and others. The purpose of ethics is thus itself a practical activity, not to acquire knowledge, but to act with a sense of social responsibility. Baruch Spinoza in the Ethics, published in 1677, defined the good as "what we know with certainty to be useful." Rational and intuitive knowledge is the primary way that tells us how our actions, individual and collective, create freedom for all. Thus, true joy is not a reward of virtue but virtue in itself (according to the final proposal of Ethics).

[...] Communication that can be called "the proof "in contrast to the dominant advertising model and appears as an alternative part of a virtuous sense of corporate social responsibility. This communication does not depart again for an underlying marketing purpose. Providing CSR efforts is largely for the benefit of companies, to show the eyes of the world the quality of their work and win, and a ?responsible? public. This observation has led advertising to reflect a new form of communication, which would be smarter, more useful and thus more human, a "communication by the evidence." (Devilliers, 2009) Based on the prominence of corporate values, communication by the evidence is not intended to replace traditional advertising but rather credibility. [...]

[...] Integration into a marketing policy of a policy of corporate social responsibility is now a must for many companies in industry or services. However, its introduction cannot be improvised to reflect marketing without taking into account: the initial positioning of the company; the image perceived by customers; the legitimacy of the company to position itself on environmental axes (at the risk of not appearing credible); the permeability of customers to receive a speech or offer "green"; customer expectations; and the perceived benefits to customers. [...]

[...] Note that despite the rather inconclusive results collected by these results, "it is becoming increasingly clear that investing in the business with due regard to social concerns is good, not only morally, but also the economic point of view.? (Wolfhensohn, 1999)) For example, according to the 2007 Global Business Barometer, most business leaders believe that CSR and efficiency go hand in hand and believe that corporate social responsibility will become a priority for the new corporate governance. The main advantage of these results and remarks is the facts that we understand that profitability and social responsibility are not opposing concepts. [...]

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