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Controlling, project management: T-systems France

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  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation of the company
  3. Problems of management control
  4. Work done
  5. Conclusion

between the company and the customer. The key elements are: Order entry or TCV (total contract value) which is the total value of the deal. This amount may extend to one year, but may well also be spread over several years. The aim is to show for each month gains estimated by the contract or backlog. The backlog should not be confused with the PIPE defines contracts about to be acquired by trade or backstage. These on the basis of this information that defines what is called a client portfolio by integrating the contract period, the total costs incurred estimated delay penalties if ever there are contractual. Financial data entry in SAP tool to calculate the profitability of deals

All figures are integrated into the SAP tool. Why SAP? Because SAP is intelligent software that integrates the calculation of prices, the creation of the WBS project (project registration number), costs that will be incurred for proper monitoring of the project (cost of implementation of the Build and Run), calculation of the operating margin. This procedure also allows distinguishing very profitable for those who are projects; it is thanks to this that such adjustments can be made on the basis of the forecast.

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