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Corporate social responsibility in India

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  1. Introduction
  2. The new politics of the welfare state
  3. Foreign workers
  4. Provisions
  5. Corporate responsibility
  6. Conclusion

Corporations can now have workers in India to execute production within hours via online matchmakers. From administrative responsibilities to executive orders, full-scale solutions have produced a huge infrastructure for inexpensive labor in India for multinational corporations. With businesses saving millions off the backs of cheap labor it becomes important to bring into question workers' rights in India and the footprint being left by this development. Growing concerns about the long-term impact and security for millions of workers is becoming a subject of legal matters with a growing impact on stakeholders.

Hiring foreign workers in the United States requires labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for a visa if within United States boundaries, and a visa from the Department of State (U.S. Department of Labor). An additional note of interest is presented in the Federal Omnibus Appropriations Act passed through Congress in 2004 that prohibited the use of foreign workers for some government jobs (FY2004).

[...] "Corporate Social Responsibility / Human Resource" Kemper, Alison and Roger Martin. ?Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility?. corporate-social-responsibility.pdf Karnani, Aneel G. ?Corporate Social Responsibility Does Not Avert the Tragedy of the Commons - Case Study: Coca-Cola India?. Keys, Tracey, Thomas W. Malnight, and Kees van der Graaf. ?Making the most of corporate social responsibility?. Kobayashi-Hillary, Mark. Outsourcing to India: The Offshore Advantage?. Commonwealth Publishing: London MightyLaws.In. [...]

[...] Corporate stakeholders will likely continue to be the primary motivation of business operations. Stock holders, investors, creditors, and consumers will all drive demand at the end of each business quarter. CSR percentage payments may increase, but if a better system is not enforced to fund a better quality of life for India's common citizens, then the entire scheme is doomed to continue to drive a wedge between the classes in India which are already starkly contrasting from business class to lower class. [...]

[...] A balance will need to be struck to continue to develop a corporate social responsibility that respects all parties involved and guarantees proper conditions for workers who ultimately provide bottom line results for all stakeholders involved. Responsibility must extend further than the arm handing over a check, it must involve investment into the betterment of all parties involved. Works Cited Asian Philanthropy Advisory Network. "India's Companies Act: an Interview with Noshir Dadrawala" Berkowitz, Philip. International Labor and Employment Law. American Bar Association: 2008. Deora, Murli. ?Companies law set to mandate CSR Spend?. The Times of India. Feb India Brand Equity Foundation. [...]

[...] The India Brand Equity Foundation was created to monitor and protect the CSR programs in education, health, livelihood, and empowerment of impoverished society. Giving philanthropy direction is very important for utilizing incoming assets from companies looking to commit funds to their responsibility in India. According to this organization which surveyed 300 corporate homes in India in 2009, ?India has spread its CSR activities across 20 states and Union territories? (IBEF, 2009). Regulation bodies like the IBEF are pushing for further guarantees from corporations into funding community building projects encompassing of the company's net profits. [...]

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