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Corruption in business

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the corruption?
    1. Definition
    2. Famous cases of corruption in business
  3. How to measure and to control the corruption?
    1. Measuring corruption
    2. Controls of corruption
  4. Lobbying
    1. Legal ways
    2. Illegal ways of lobbying
  5. Conclusion

Everybody has already heard about bribing system in business. This form of corruption appeared in Ancient Greece when it was time to vote. But far more than just bribes, corruption is one of the biggest problems in business nowadays. Indeed, this scourge can affect politics, administrations, institutions and the business world. But, this concept can be discussed: How, in practice can we say what it is substantially corrupt, and how can we measure this corruption? In fact, this concept is not very precise and can be a very subjective notion.

How does the world perceive the corruption?
That's why in the following report, we will discuss the concept of corruption and establish its definition according to the legal institutions. Moreover, we will see the different forms of corruption and the way of limiting it in the global business.

We can assume that if corruption still occurs that some favorable conditions for corruption must exist. What we can do is analyze concrete cases of corruption in business, in order to understand the issues of corruption and its impact on the economic environment. That's why we will try to explain how to ?measure? the corruption, and the measures that have been taken in the world to control corruption and to limit it.

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