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Creation of EasyLoc

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Easyloc was conceived with the aim of providing different categories of people the freedom to travel abroad without facing the difficulty of finding housing for periods of unspecified duration. This helps facilitate travel abroad through a special relationship with the agency that ensures the right fit between consumer needs and available supply. The interest of Easyloc is to offer clients a range of services most suited to their needs. That is why the company offers rentals on long or short term, as well as exchanges between private housing.

For rental apartments or homes for long durations, the target is especially students wishing to move abroad to study or work, and professionals whose jobs require them to travel abroad regularly. For short term rentals of less than a month, the target is perhaps both families and retirees who express greater demand for this service during the holidays. The keystone of this process lies in a comprehensive service that supports the paperwork, as well as the steps related to a specific search for housing.

The company offers a fairly diverse range of housing options to meet expectations and customer demand. Four sales outlets are based in Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain. Missions: To explore each country to identify and meet the diverse housing criteria and requirements; awareness of the services offered by the agency in each country; establishing a system of exchange between owners of housing for periods of varying durations. Owners can exchange their homes with each other in the place of their choice for the duration of the trip in consultation with the other owner.

Other services are available to facilitate the departure and arrange the trip: Rent a car on the spot, online access in places predefined in advance, or booking airline or train tickets. This project requires a substantial initial investment and it will take time to create customer lists. However, the originality and innovativeness of the concept can be considered indicative of a good business success.

Tags- traveling, EasyLoc, renting accommodation

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