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Credit Agricole

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  1. Presentation of the company
    1. History and organization
    2. Analysis
  2. Explain how you would develop such a plan for all of the CA branches?
    1. Presentation of the plan
    2. The impacts

You are a consultant who has been approached to review and offer a strategic plan to allow 'Credit Agricole' to merge its computer systems in each branch, so that they are all integrated. At the end of the 19th century, the bank was a small company which began with the creation of local funds. The company has been created in order to help farmers to have loans. Today the 'Credit Agricole' is a huge and global French bank which has its headquarters in Paris. Here, we can find some figures to demonstrate the size of this bank: the 'Credit Agricole' is the first banking group in Europe, the company has 31 million customers worldwide; the bank is present in more than 70 countries and it counts for more than 157,000 partners. But we are now in a very aggressive and competitive market where the banks have to find quickly their competitive advantages in order to 'be still to reckoned as competition'. This is why the 'Credit Agricole' needs to integrated its computer systems in all its branches. This strategy will help the company to improve communication, synergy and performance to grow and gain market shares on this industrial sector.

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