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A critical evaluation of the reward of sponsorship of French rugby events for companies’ brand equity

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  1. Introduction
    1. Toward a better promotion through the media
    2. Viewer and television's point of view
    3. Spectator and stadium's point of view
    4. Sponsors of the rugby in france
    5. Aims of the study
  2. Literature Review
    1. Definition of terms
    2. Origins of sponsoring
    3. Existing models and theories
    4. Measuring the impact of sponsoring
    5. Delimitation of the study and hypothesis
  3. Research Methods
    1. Methodology of the conduct of the study
    2. The study on social networks
    3. Objectives and working hypotheses
    4. Questionnaire design
    5. Telephone interview
    6. Interview design
  4. Data Description
  5. Data Analysis
    1. Consumption habits of french rugby
    2. Publics' attitude toward the sponsors
    3. Attributes of the rugby for companies
    4. Case Study About The Societe Generale
  6. Conclusions and Recommendations
    1. Conclusion
    2. Limitations of the study
    3. Future research areas

Rugby has been confidential for a long time, only reserved for players. It only had interest in its practice, it had an initiatory dimension. The values of solidarity, sense of sharing, courage, humility, self-sacrifice are the foundation, the essence of the sport. But the promotion of rugby has been accelerated with the development of the interest from the media and more specifically the development of its television coverage that began in 1960-1970. The rules of the sport are constantly changed to seduce televisions, in favor of the attack and the show. Moreover the halftime mutates from 5 to 15 minutes to extend the advertising on televisions.

Historically it is the media success of the second rugby World Cup, especially in rich countries, who dazzled the Anglo-Saxon television businessman, Rupert Murdoch. Who after a few messy attempts to professionalize the rugby by various interest groups, provides for 550 million dollars a year of exclusive TVs rights for the Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans Federations to organize, mainly for its private channels its own competitions, called the Tri-Series, which is a triangular tournament with away and home games and the TOP 12 which is a tournament bringing together the provinces of these three nations. This is the first private competition of the history of world rugby.

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