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CSR Analysis; the Samsung Company

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  1. Introduction
  2. Ethics
  3. Environmental stewardship
  4. Human resource stewardship
  5. Community service and impact
  6. Broader social causes
  7. Conclusion

The Samsung Company has published code of conduct that states that the company complies with all laws and ethical requirements of all countries in which it operates. The chief executive officer's commitment t upholding these ethics is not clearly defined in the company's sustainability report. Samsung's dedication to the safety of their products is stellar; the company acknowledges the importance of ensuring client safety and this done by guaranteeing the products are in line with internationally accepted technology and standards.

Samsung prevents such issues as electric shock, fire, radiation and injury. The company conducts regular customer surveys regarding their services and products. The electronics company maintains transparency in all its transactions through keeping accurate record and subject to outside audits. The company also refrains from politics and restricts the use of its financial resources, human resources and facilities towards political goals.

Samsung electronics also pursues environmental friendly management; it is particularly keen on staying in compliance with internationally stipulated environmental standards and national laws and regulations related to the environment. In so doing, the company makes an effort to reduce the production of harmful material. It also ensures there is effective utilization of resources and recycling towards the benefit of the environment.

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[...] Problems are easily identified this way and the process changed in order to get back on track. Research and development are essential in ensuring products are tailored to the customers' needs and requirements while ensuring the company gains customer input through regular interaction in not only online platforms but also through open days hosted by the company. In conclusion, it can be said that Samsung, despite being a multimillion corporation has dedicated itself to the wellbeing of society and the environment at large. [...]

[...] More companies could borrow a leaf from Samsung and embrace social responsibility as a way to give back to the society and contribute towards the wellbeing of the world in entirety. It is also emphasized that the benefits of a participatory approach to community development are immense especially by investing in research and development in ensuring products and services offered are sensitive to the safety of the consumers and the environment at large. Bibliography CSR plc SWOT analysis. (n.d.). London: Datamonitor Plc. Visser, W., & Tolhurst, N. (2010). The world guide to CSR: A country-by- country analysis of corporate sustainability and responsibility. Sheffield: Greenleaf. CSR, Incorporated. [...]

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