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Customer loyalty in B to B

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  1. The need to keep its customers
  2. Issues
    1. The cost of lost customers
    2. The profitability
    3. The stability
    4. A positive word of mouth
  3. The loyalty strategy
  4. Means loyalty
    1. Relationship marketing
    2. Financial incentives
    3. Social incentives
    4. Structural links
  5. The case of Business to Business
  6. Loyalty programs in Business to Business
  7. Conclusion

Companies are not just looking to improve their relationships with their partners, but also to consolidate the links between them to customers. A satisfied customer is the basis of market development. Indeed, sales of the company at any time depend on two groups: new customers and regular customers. In the past it had often tended to think that a client was granted indefinitely, because he had no choice or that the habits engendered inertia. Today, for many companies and many markets, the cost of acquiring new customers is high. Many markets are already saturated with oversupply and there are many difficulties to find new creditworthy customers.

Also, companies often turn to their customers acquired and reflect upon the interest of preserving and developing their sales to these customers already acquired. Loyalty, recognized as essential goal of any customer relationship strategy, is not confined to mere promotional programs.

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