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Business Plan: D’Light Handbags (2007)

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  1. Executive summary.
    1. Description of business.
    2. Financial summary.
    3. Business differentiators.
    4. Business credibility.
  2. The company and industry.
    1. Purpose of the company.
    2. Company founders and skill sets.
    3. Competitive differentials.
  3. Products and services.
    1. Main products, services and markets.
    2. Distinctive qualities.
    3. Technological capacity.
    4. Future potential.
  4. Markets: Market size, history, competition, potential and growth.
    1. Market segmentation and expected market share.
  5. Marketing: Promotion and sales, success, benefits and sales expectations, postioning.
  6. Design and development.
  7. Management.
  8. Finance: Financial requirements and analysis.
    1. Key ratios, balance sheet, sensitivity analysis and break-even point.
  9. Risks: Risk analysis.
  10. Objectives and milestones.
  11. References.
  12. Appendix.

D'Light Company produces exclusive, fashionable handbags with unique lighting system build inside each product. The built in light makes it easier for the user to find the desired items in the handbag regardless of the outside conditions (during the night, in the dark etc.).The handbags are available in various, fashionable colors, designs and sizes. D'Light Company manufactures the handbags itself in rented premises at the outskirts of Coventry. The ready made light-up system is bought from a British producer and afterward fixed inside the handbags during the production process. D'Light Handbags high quality products are unique and exclusive, and its target consumers are young successful women with upper-middle to upper-end incomes who are fashion conscious, value their comfort, are up to date with technology and innovations and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Keeping in mind the target customers, D'light Co. will sell its products in the big cities of the UK market. At the beginning the products will be available in fashion shops, women accessories retailers and fashion boutiques.

[...] Without exception, all accessories shown find greatest favor among the more affluent socio-economic groups, although there is less variation in purchasing patterns for handbags and purses and wallets. As with warm scarves and gloves, both handbags and purses widen the appeal of the accessories market by offering broad ranges of styles and price points Purchasing decision makers A quarter of the population has not purchased any accessories over the last year, retired and less affluent socio-demographic groups most likely to have abstained from purchasing. [...]

[...] Therefore, D'Light with its unique light-up handbags of high quality and style can be easily recognizable and differentiated from the other companies producing women accessories in the British market Business credibility D'Light will prove its credibility by introducing the product made using the highest possible quality of leather, of high level of innovation (light?up system), finding the perfect combination between its customers' tastes and expectations and the latest trends in world fashion. In order to reach highly set standards, the company will hire a talented and creative designer and a skilful manufacturing team with long term expertise. [...]

[...] Finally, if there are 500,000 women interested in our product, we can reach this forecast within 10 years, beginning with 3500 units sold the first year Market positioning First of all, we need to discuss the opportunities and threats of the company concerning the market, and also the purchasing behavior and the competition: Opportunities Threats Market every woman has at mature market least one handbag the market for women's accessories increased by the most popular women accessories Purchasing purchasing places are - price higher than a Behaviour diversified normal handbag particular customers Competition - handbags without the other handbags lighting system inside - high indirect low direct competition competition The company has a good chance to develop itself in a favorable environment because of the numerous opportunities outlined in the table above. [...]

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