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Danone's strategies and environment in 2009

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  1. More about Danone and its strategies
    1. The group Danone: growth and activities
    2. Danone's different strategies
  2. SWOT analysis 2009
  3. Danone's new ways of market development

Danone is currently an inescapable world actor in the food-processing domain. The multinational is, at first, a complete example of strategic reorientation. Its original profession in 1966 was the production of glass bottles under the brand BSN. Besides, DANONE has always demonstrated its ability to fix itself new objectives and to succeed in them. While the brand extensions seem established and coherent, DANONE however is still looking for the growth of its activities and market segments according to its traditional operating mode and ambitions. That is why we would like to put again in evidence DANONE's different strategies of growth, brand, settlement, or investments and then transcribe them into an updated SWOT analysis 2009. It will help us to see the backbone of some strategic operations, the stakes and trends of a new market, and even finally imagine reliable and new ways of market development.

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