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Daregal business case

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  1. Strategic diagnosis
  2. Analysis of the competitors on the market
  3. Capabilities for competitive advantage
  4. Action plan

By utilizing a strategic analysis process, we can clearly determine the advantages and the threats prevalent in the environment of the company which will in turn influence its future development. Daregal, the renowned family entrepreneurship, has been existing with an age-old history and great traditions. Today it is one of the biggest producers of deep-frozen herbs. It is the Daregal family that created this type of product and this gave rise to the development of a brand new consumer market. As the environment gives a company its means of survival, the company in turn, needs to play a significant role by adopting ethical standards which will not be hazardous to the environment. To a great extent, it is the environment that is responsible for a company's success. Therefore, a new framework, known as The PESTEL framework will be used in order to analyze this layer of the business environment. The market as a whole is not so widespread and hence, its capacity of being influenced by any kind of change in the surrounding environment will be an easy task. Half of Daregal's production is sold on the domestic market in France but the other half is exported to the rest of the world (Europe, US, Asia). In this scenario, the company will have to deal with the French environmental influences as well as with international challenges.

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