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Demand chain / network design and management

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  1. Introduction
  2. Fnac Company in few words
  3. Objectives and strategies of FNAC
  4. IT System in relation with the CRM of Fnac
  5. CRM in stores
  6. What can Fnac improve?
  7. Conclusion

Through this case I would like to present the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of Fnac store. The Fnac, a famous french brand is a chain of retail stores is France's leading purveyor of what the customers refers to as ?cultural goods? such as books, CDs, DVDs, event tickets, as well as the new technologies items such as TVs, cameras The trade policy of Fnac considers that a customer entering the store is primarily a visitor. So, the ?potential customer? can freely move through the store, get advice, and discover all offers during the time he wishes.

Fnac always puts its customers at the center of its concerns. Fnac is also one of the first companies to create a club with Fnac members' and understand the importance of customer loyalty. This is a concept quite innovative who allow keeping these customers.
One of the priorities for this store is to make customers loyal because it is very hard and costly for a company to get a new customer, but once the visitor become a client, it is very important to keep it loyal in order to generate new sales with him.

It is much easier and less expensive to sale a second time to a client than the first time. At the first time, the client is more careful and needs to be confident in the quality and the product. Quality of service is one of the most important ways to achieve it. Through this case we will speak about different points. In a first part, we will see the presentation of the Fnac Company in a few words. Then we will see the objectives and strategies of Fnac through the different means that they have set up to keep their clients loyal.

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