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Destination enterprise: Honda

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  1. Introduction, Why we choose this company
  2. A little bit of history about Honda and the creator of Honda
  3. Environment
  4. Human Resources
  5. Organization
  6. Conclusions
  7. The main problems of the company
  8. Analysis of individual and collective work

Our group consists of 7 members with 5 different nationalities. The enterprise chosen for our study is Honda Brest. Progress on what will be the eventual report has been very slow due to issues within the group for the past few weeks but it is now on a rapid increase. Only 3 of the people in our group speak fluent French so only they could conduct interviews.

We had a interview with Franck Oppermann, son of Pierre Oppermann (founder of Honda Brest) on the 22nd November, 2010, two of our group members went for another brief interview but with the manager of Honda Brest instead. A brief 20-minute interview which proved much more useful and informative than the previous one. It was also our best source of information thus far.

This is probably our toughest obstacle to overcome and one we are currently still having problems with. Honda is a worldwide global brand and therefore an abundance of information on the Honda group is available. Unfortunately this is not the same case with information on Honda Brest which is the information we need in particular.

[...] During the work I have looking for information about Honda by several contact with the manager of Honda Brest, I have lead interviews .It was very interesting to exchange with the manager about his company , that push me to make question be very clear and simple, I just feel sorry that the manager couldn't give us more time. I have learned a lot about hybrid car and the challenge that it represent in the future, and the competitor intensity very important in this field. [...]

[...] The pillars of the strategy and success of organizations Tamara Jurado Hidalgo ( Fernando Serra y Juliano Lissoni) The choice of Honda as a company studied Pascale.El article comes from work that arouse an intense discussion among researchers and consultants in CMR Forum, has taken to end the discussion on prescriptive strategy and emergent strategy. Thanks to the leadership of Fujisawa, Honda successfully entered the highly competitive U.S. market for motorcycles. Rumelt analyzed the concepts presented by Hamel and Prahalad, linking the success of motorcycles entering the American market automiviles. [...]

[...] So if Honda has too much formalization that risk decreasing the seller's motivation. Work design: trainning and socialization: By Mintzberg incumbent must internalize the behavior required Training is a process by which are taught knowledge and capacity linked to work. So level and intensity of training depend to tasks to do. For simple task training level and the right skill necessary are low .but for complex task they are a high training level. Socialization is a process by which a new recruit must learn values system, standards and behavior of his company or his group work; a part of this process is informal. [...]

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