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Development of a mobile gaming application

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  1. Introduction
  2. Project description and reason for the project.
  3. Project charter
  4. Project scope with WBS
  5. Resource assignments with assignment matrix
  6. Network diagram
  7. Budget estimation
  8. Risk analysis
  9. Conclusion

This application will be a social game based on challenges. Players will be invited to create their own challenges and submit them to the other players. Once a challenge has been created, it can be shared with friends in order to see their result and compare their score with them. This application is a social game because you can't play all alone and need to invite other players in order to play and have fun. The fact that you have to invite other people to join the game and play with them makes it more viral. The more there is people on the platform, the more fun it will be.
The challenges are based on photographic tasks.

In order to create a challenge, a user will simply have to write what he wants other players to take a picture of and then post it on the platform. His friends and other players will then try to accomplish the challenge by finding the right thing to photograph or do an action and take a picture of themselves doing it. Once a picture has been taken, other players will be invited to vote for them in order to make them gain some points. The user that will have taken the picture that has the most votes will therefore be declared winner.

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