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Diagnosis of marketing of the Michelin group and recommendations

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  1. Introduction
  2. Cultural diversity : Background
    1. Corporate culture: Definition
    2. France: Culture and general organization of work
    3. China seen by the French
    4. China: Culture and general organization of work
    5. France as seen by the Chinese
  3. Difficulties in daily business
    1. Social networks
    2. The language barrier
    3. Chinese pride
    4. Negotiation
    5. Proximity
    6. The power
    7. Work time schedule
    8. Details of the daily routine
  4. Adaptation
    1. Curve 3 weeks
    2. The curve of 6 months
  5. Conclusion

The market potential represents the number of persons likely to consume in a given geographic area. The potential market for Michelin tires extends to all owners and vehicle users (companies and individuals), as well as manufacturers.

The potential market for Michelin tires is 68.7 billion euros in 2006. The real market for Michelin is 16.3 billion euros in 2006. The market share of Michelin is absolute from 23.7%. The increase in sales of Michelin from 2005 to 2006 is 5% and is higher than the growth of sales in the sector which is 3%.

The market is fragmented, as the competition was strong. Bridgestone is the main competitor. It shares a global market share of 18.2% and is very close to Michelin in terms of turnover as well as market share. Michelin occupies 17.7% (Michelin was No. 1 worldwide in 2005).

Bridgestone is present in Asia (particularly Japan) and North America. After Goodyear, it is the third player in the global market and holds 17.2% of the global market. The competitors are insignificant as they are studied independently. The fourth player, Continental, occupies only 5.5% of the market share.

In 1988, Bridgestone acquired "Firestone Tire and Rubber Company" that was in very bad shape on the market, in order to gain a foothold in order to settle in the United States.

Bridgestone has invested in several different areas. Of course, the brand is present on the Formula 1 championship which she wonseveral titles of world champion. The brand also produces industrial products polyurethane and rubber.These products are of various kinds, such as polyurethane foam for car seats, bedding and insulation. But also water proof seals and hoses for loading and unloading of oil.

Like other tire brands, Bridgestone faces two major challenges: the environment and security. France has caught up in tire recycling, since all of those put on the market are now supported.

The environmental concern is similar to that of security, which is whyBridgestone has launched a communication campaign in 2005 on the theme "Think before you drive", it is sponsored by the FIA Foundation.

Security is also a major road in the tire manufacturers. That is why thetires load flank called "Run Flat" can develop and drive safely at zero pressure in case of puncture.

To double Michelin permanently, Bridgestone has launched a planover the next five years. It provides capacity building for production and distribution with an investment of more than 6.8 billion euros.

As part of the communication of Michelin, one can distinguish several strategic objectives: A strategy of awareness, the brand is known worldwide because of the quality of its products, but also with a logo that has not changed for decades. From this point of view, the driving force behind the mix will be affected is communication.

A strategy of innovation, Michelin has been consistently distinguished by the changes it has taken into account in the manufacture of its products. Its R & D are at the forefront of research and largely funded. Research is one of the highlights of Michelin. The driving force mix will change depending on the product it is.

Tags: Michelin Group, marketing diagnosis, strategies

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