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Disneyland Paris: The launch of Walt Disney Studio

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  1. Introduction
  2. The concept of corporate culture
    1. Corporate culture
    2. Business culture
    3. Regional culture
  3. How can we observe culture?
    1. Myths
    2. The craft
    3. Values
    4. Taboos
    5. The symbols
    6. Rites
    7. Languages
    8. Dress codes
  4. Corporate culture: management, functions and limits
    1. Culture and management
    2. The limits of corporate culture
  5. Conclusion

Euro Disney, Walt Disney, Disneyland Park, no matter how we choose to address it, only one word springs to the mind: Magic! This hugely successful amusement park is suffused by the myth of Walt Disney and his cartoons. This recreational complex has five theme parks: Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Main Street USA and Discoveryland, which appeals primarily to young audiences.

Attendance, average spending per visitor, the rate of hotel occupancy, average spending per room has been steadily increasing contributing to its ever rising turnover. The current issues dogging Disney Studios will have no impact on the success of Disneyland, which continues to attract more new customers. This new park continues to follow the family values held dear by the original Disneyland in California.

From 3 years to 77 years old, everyone can have a good time at Disneyland; the family targeted is both national and European. Some ads are Disneyland in English, German or Spanish while they are on French territory.

The heart of the targeted teens and young adults of 15 ? 25years is that they are too old to love fairy tales and too young to take their children. The pricing strategy differs according to age and there are many special offers throughout the year.

The various comments on the target board are as follows: Mainly young Europeans who are the biggest consumers of leisure; these are people who are studying or have just completed their studies; they are big consumers of services and products online, with sites like Facebook, msn messenger, blogs and Second Life; they read the press primarily for them: Interview, or 20 years of daily information such as 20 minutes; they consume a lot of high-tech products, like the rest of this age: iPod, cell-phone, computer; regarding the media, they are major consumers of U.S. time series such as Heroes. Over their favorite TV channels are TF1and M6. The stations they listen to are music stations (NRJ, Skyrock).

Their eating habits are based on speed: McDonald's sandwiches. Otherwise they like to eat out occasionally but with a limited budget and they prefer the low cost: Japanese restaurant or Hippopotamus. In addition they like to entertain leaving. They travel by car type city but not the last generation Clio or 206 but also by public transport or by Velib '(which sometimes replaces the taxi or public transport); they dress with brands in their scope, type Zara, H & M, Gap, Converse and Levi's.

The area of parks is very competitive, in which the position of Disney is an asset in Europe. Indeed, it is one of the few parks to have a real European and even global scale.

Competitors are placed in the matrix according to their order ofimportance. In direct competitors, there is the Parc Asterix, Futuroscope. Parc Asterix is different from Disney's opening dates each year.

Tags: Disneyland in Paris, launch of Walt Disney Studio, competition for Disneyland Paris

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