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Domino’s Pizza: A case study in organizational evolution

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  1. Brief company's description
  2. Competitive Profile Analysis
  3. Develop a Boston Consulting Group Matrix
  4. Environment Analysis
  5. Evaluate how the company is facing its key current challenges?
  6. What new strategies do you suggest to the company to successfully face its key challenges? Explain
  7. Conclusion

In the early 1900's the Pizza was introduced in the United Sates. This was because there where a huge number of Italian immigrants who introduced the Pizza to the country. The pizza industry grew even more after the World War Second when the GI's returned of the US from Italy. At that time pizza began to be a part of the American lifestyle.

1945 to 1960 pizzerias began opening all over the country. At this time the pizza stores were privately owned, but after a while the chains of Pizzas chained the market patterns. 1958 Pizza Hut started business and has now over 7500 units in the US, in 1959 Little Caesar opened tarts in Michigan and now the chain has more than 2500 units. 1960 Domino's Pizza developed a start-up plan in Indiana and has now over 5000 units in the US. At last Papa John's opened up a business in Indiana in 1989 and has now nearly 3000 units in the US. Today there are nearly 68,000 pizzas starts all over the US.

The pizza segment of the food industry represents 11.7% of all restaurants and accounts for more than 10% of all food service sales. Between June 2008 and June 2009 the US pizza industry recorded nearly $37 billion in sales.

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