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Dubai: a man, a vision, a strategy

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  1. Overview
    1. Field of business activity
    2. Number of Employees
    3. Turnover - net income for 2005 and forecast for 2006
    4. Main Products
  2. Organization of the Company
    1. Chart with the names of officers
    2. Organizational structure of the company

This beginning of 21st century saw deep changes of economic order (and consequently, policy in particular), on a world level. One can quote, of course, the rise to power of China. But also the arrival of India to the row of future economic mastodon, without forgetting Brazil and, especially, the great return of Russia inter alia.

The blaze of the raw material courses, of which China is the principal "person in charge" is the main cause for the latter. The oil and gas clearly represent from now on policy issues before being an economic concern. But this basket of "the black gold" caused other vocations and strategies on behalf of less important states a priori, in any case demographiquement.

Indeed, if Russia seems to make use of its immense natural resources, various and varied, to take again a dominating diplomatic place on the world chess-board, an area such as Dubai (in fact an emirate) for some time negotiated a reconversion towards an economy less dependant on its reserves energy natural, weak in what relates to it, contrary to its immediate neighbors.

The manner of the companies in diversifying their resources by daring strategies, aiming at prosperity and total independence in the long term with respect to the oil revenue has been studied. Dubai thus became in a few small years the planetary symbol of universalization, the luxury, tourism, the pharaonic projects. This is not due randomly, but with the will of a family, royal, and in particular of a man, the Sheik Al Maktoum, with the futuristic and ambitious vision, genuine guide of a whole nation.

At one time when all the media did not cease reporting on the records of oil price, the amazing growth in China, the diplomatic incidents related to the gas supply of Western Europe by Russia, how can one explain how Dubai, from its development strategy, reached in if little time such a degree of prosperity?

The first part of this report is devoted to the strategic study of the success story of Dubai as a whole, then, in the second part, the corporate strategy of this analysis. It will finish by a synthesis noting the inventory of fixtures in the most objective possible way.

The relation which one can find with other strategies, not of classically companies, but of states thus, i.e. certain "competitors" of Dubai, off the Persian Gulf, on the international scene, is disconcerting. Thus, the goal will be to report, in the most exhaustive and comprehensible manner possible how in particular a "family company" knew, thanks to thin resources but unquestionable competences, to make of a "desert" a place impossible to circumvent, in many fields which one will be able to describe as strategic activities.

It will then be a question of drawing an assessment from it, to determine the prospects in the future, but also to find and determine similar examples of diversification of "State-companies". It appears particular to want, a priori, to compare what usually applies to companies, with the level of States. It is precisely the goal acknowledged to study strategies which appear clearly, per hour of universalization.

Tags: Dubai, strategy and vision of a man, creation of a luxury country from a desert

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