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Dyson : history, strategies and performances

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  1. History: from the first inventions in 1974 to the famous bagless hoover
  2. Dyson's strategies and performances
  3. Challenges and possible recommendations

A new vacuum cleaner appeared due to Dyson, the inventor of the first bagless hoover. The successful British firm decided to outsource its manufacturing department to Malaysia in 2002, which caused many reactions. We will study the history of the company, its strategy and performances taking into account the context of outsourcing and finally, possible recommendations. James Dyson, already had managing experience in an engineering company when he decided to dedicate all his time to inventions in 1974. After the development of various products, he focused his work on the use of centrifugal force for vacuum cleaners, which led to the invention of the G-Force in 1979, the first bagless vacuum cleaner. His self-confidence, his hard-working philosophy and his tenacity brought him to go always further and develop many more efficient products.

[...] Dyson's strategies and performances In the current economic and social context, Dyson constantly has to adapt its strategy in a way to keep gaining market shares. To make profits, the firm had to outsource manufacturing, which means that they only relocated in Malaysia, but remained in the UK. Indeed, the 1,200 people in charge of Research and Development and the Head Office, who are the ones who have a role in the decision-making process, are still working in Wiltshire. But 800 persons were laid off, so it could not but damage the British local labor market. [...]

[...] Challenges and possible recommendations In a way not to lose its soul, Dyson has to keep making quality products and developing innovation thanks to the research of its scientists. They should make many quality checks in Malaysia, at every stage of production, and to provide their customers with an efficient after-sales service. From the beginning, James Dyson has always believed that research has always brought good results. This point is what led to the invention of the bagless vacuum cleaner. [...]

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