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E -Business Model -La Redoute

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  1. Description of La Redoute
  2. Types of business models for La Redoute
  3. Description of the business model components
    1. Mission, and other strategic statements
    2. Diagrammatic views of La Redoute
    3. Revenue model
    4. Projected financial statements
    5. Marketing model
    6. Implementation plan and timetable
    7. Exit strategy
  4. Identification of the ownership of the resources
    1. The relationship with the consumer
    2. Proprietary data about the consumer
    3. Ownership of t ransactions with the consumer
  5. Diagrammatic representation of the main streams between the supplier and the buyer
  6. Identification of the partners and allies of La Redoute

With 80-years of catalog experience, La Redoute has long been a household name in France, trusted for its quality, style and selection. Indeed, as a part of PPR's home-shopping division, Redcats, a global retail leader, the company is a Fashion and Home decoration multi-specialist (the La Redoute's universe includes Women's fashion, Kid's fashion, Men's fashion, Furniture & decoration, Leisure, Home appliances) and offers, through its websites and stores, a large selection of creative brands, most of which are designed by La Redoute's fashion team. There are 11 country-specific La Redoute websites, its catalogs are translated into numerous languages, and every year over 30 million packages are delivered to households all across the globe. With over 18 million customers, La Redoute is first in France and among the world's leaders in direct-mail catalog sales. La Redoute also strives to make haute-couture accessible to everyone by starting with Emmanuelle Kahn in 1969. The Grand Couturier section now boasts top names like Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Rykiel, Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld.

[...] In answer of this request, the suppliers will prepare those orders, take the packing list of La Redoute in the web platform DDS Shipper and edit the codebarres especially destined to La Redoute (16). Besides, the supplier will make a shipping notice informing of the availability of the merchandise in order to load it, and making an appointment with the distribution platform of La Redoute, concentrated mainly in Wattrelos in France. Besides, the mode of payment to its suppliers will be made according to the conditions of their contract set up between La Redoute and its suppliers. [...]

[...] Customer satisfaction: La Redoute is able to import most of its offering without an intermediary, which improves product availability in particular. The company offers also a strict quality process applicable to the referenced products since 2003 in place in the form of specifications setting out all requirements relating to compliance, legislations and quality. The company wants to continue to reduce and to control delivery times by means of a rapid and traceable offering. Besides, La Redoute has a range of tools available to strengthen the customer relationship. [...]

[...] Concerning the payments and the shipping, La Redoute works with Business Partners like Finaref and La Poste. E. Diagrammatic representation of the main streams between the supplier and the buyer Buyers Suppliers Product/ service information Purchase request Payment advice and request Follow-up information Delivery request Return request La Response to information request Purchase acknowledgement Payment acknowledgement Follow-up (shipping) notice Delivery notice Return confirmation Redoute Response to fulfillment request Shipping notice Purchase fulfillment request Electronic transfer of funds: Payment remittance Electronic transfer of funds Payment approval Electronic transfer of funds Buyers' bank La Redoute's bank Suppliers' bank This diagram shows the main flows that could linked the buyer and the supplier to La Redoute via the platform [...]

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