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Education Sector and Information Communication Technology

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  1. Introduction
  2. Evaluation and reactions to Information Communication Technology in education secto
  3. Positive benefits to different parties in the education sector
  4. Benefits to teachers
  5. ICT in raising School Standards
  6. Examples of ICT-based accomplishments in a school setting
  7. Conclusion

Information Communication Technology is a general term that encompasses all communication devices and the various applications that are associated withthem. ICT devices may include among others, radio, computers, television, phones and satellite systems. The services and applications associated with these devices include distance learning and teleconferencing (Margaret, par 1). In the recent world, it is embraced in almost all fields,education sector included. It has brought with itself many advantages in the education sector, leading to rising of education standards. Its contributions in the education sector are discussed below. Information communication technology has brought positive changes in the education sector due to its features that blend well to the changing approaches to education.

[...] India Print. Margaret Rouse. ICT (information and communication technology-or technologies). Online post Esanu, J. M., Uhlir, P. F., National Research Council (U.S.)., & Symposium on the Role of Scientific and Technical Data and Information in the Public Domain. (2003). The role of scientific and technical data and information in the public domain: Proceedings of a symposium. Washington, D.C: National Academies Press. Dyson, L. E., Hendriks, M. A. N., & Grant, S. (2007). [...]

[...] Information technology and indigenous people. Hershey, PA: Information Science Pub. (an imprint of Idea Group. Spagnoletti, P. (2013). Organizational change and information systems: Working and living together in new ways. Berlin: Springer. Rathgeber, E.-M., Adera, E. O., International Development Research Centre (Canada), & International Conference on "African Women and Economic Development: Investing in Our Future". (2000). Gender and the information revolution in Africa. Ottawa, ON, Canada: International Development Research Centre. Surname 9 Esanu, J. M., Uhlir, P. [...]

[...] This character has made information communication technology available everywhere in the world. It can outdo the changing environments in the education sector, making it possible to for learners to receive information twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Even with varying physical locations, learners can access information from instructors through the different applications that come with ICT e.g. educational programming broadcasts, teleconferencing among others (Rashmi, par 3). Surname 3 The second characteristic that has enabled its positive contribution to the education sector is its ability to enable access to remote training resources. [...]

[...] Information Communication Technology enables schools to handle students more easily. Services concerned with registration, grading and promotion of students are made much easier with the use of ICT (Rashmi, par 10) Surname 7 Examples of ICT-based accomplishments in a school setting There is a range of activities that use ICT in a teaching and learning environment. These include: Finding out- All the parties involved an educational setting can use Information Communication Technology to extract any information that they might need. [...]

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