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Electronic business system: Tabou case study

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  1. Corporate strategy and the implication for IS/IT/IM
    1. Outline description of business; business strategic objectives and performance targets
    2. Analysis of the market characteristics and environment
    3. Model of supply and value chains
    4. Outline budgets
  2. Information Systems Strategy
    1. Analysis of business and technical environment, including discussion of constraintsand opportunities arising from the application of IT
    2. Identify business processes and primary system interactions
    3. Outline analysis of main business processes
    4. Detailed analysis of one business process and description of others
    5. Information requirements: Database design using an entity relationship model
    6. Applications portfolio: proposing an outline Information Systems strategy within the framework of the business strategy
    7. Financial Analysis of Benefit and Cost of Information System
  3. Information Management strategy
  4. Information Technology strategy
    1. Database Implementation: Sample database outputs (reports and underlying queries)
    2. Sample webpage
    3. Your individual contributions and your assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of what you have done

Electronic business system; the Tabou case study: TABOU is a newly created company and operates a mail order business which launches a new on-line service. This company offers to women the possibility of buying several ranges of famous brands underwear or to customize their underwear themselves. The company then sells the products directly to the customers who order through the company?s website. Thus, the on-line company buys women's underwear in bulk, from many famous underwear companies, such as Aubade, Chantelle, DIM and woks with another supplier for customized underwear. Besides, it offers its customers the possibility to virtually try the underwear. The novelty of TABOU is also that it allows customers to visualize how the underwear would fit them, by entering their measurements.

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