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Entrepreneurship and innovation management: A case study of Apple

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  1. Introduction
  2. Theories and philosophies behind entrepreneurs
  3. An entrepreneur's personal strategy
  4. The advisor
  5. The superstar
  6. The artist
  7. The visionary
  8. The analyst
  9. The fireball
  10. The hero
  11. The healer
  12. The Apple case
    1. Growth rate of Apple in the share market over the past decade
    2. The reason why apple has been chosen
  13. Apple: An innovative environment
    1. Key aspects to accomplish innovative environment
    2. Innovative management of Apple
    3. Apple I
    4. Apple II
    5. Apple III
    6. Apple Lisa
  14. Macintosh
  15. iMac, iBook and Power MAC G4
  16. iPod
  17. Porter's five forces
  18. Suggestions for innovative management
  19. Entrepreneurial personality study
  20. Andy Denton's attributes
  21. Innovation strategy for the company
  22. Expansion of the operation
  23. References

An individual's qualities as an entrepreneur are very important in the investigation of entrepreneurship since setting up a new firm is very much an individual decision. The entrepreneurial behavior to find a firm is triggered by the individuals' endowment, his social network, and the evaluation of the economic situation (Grebel et al, 2003). Innovativeness and the ability to act are one of the vital characteristics an entrepreneur must possess during start up phase of the firm. An entrepreneur's personal strategy plays a vital part while developing new business activity. This, to a large extent is characterized by the entrepreneur's personality characteristics. Based on different characteristics, there are few key personality types of entrepreneurs listed further which enables to understand what it takes to Progress Company's business.

[...] Also Apple has a foot hold on the industry and has been there for almost 4 decades. Bargaining Power of the Buyers: Effect on Nike: High Reasons: Though Apple has a strong influence on their suppliers, the industry is highly competitive and the suppliers can demand high because of the tenacity involved in the production of the sensitive hardware parts required. Bargaining Power of the Buyers: Effect on Nike: High Reasons: Again, due to variance in technology day to day it is important to keep the customers happy. [...]

[...] Grebel Th , Pyka A and Hanusch H (2003), An Evolutionary Approach to the Theory of Entrepreneurship , Industry & Innovation, Vol 10, 4:493 - 514 Joshua, C (2006) Apple III Chaos: What Happened When Apple Tried to Enter the Business Market, Viewed last on 18th August 2008 at Kunkel P (1997) AppleDesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group, Watson-Guptill Publications. Littunen H (2000), Entrepreneurship and the characteristics of the entrepreneurial personality, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research , Vol 6:295-309. [...]

[...] So Apple has to concentrate not only on innovation but also create a cutting edge advantage to cope up with the competitive rivalries SUGGESTIONS FOR INNOVATION MANAGEMENT: Apple has been complained for the jaded response in customer support and quality control. For a company with such a high decree, these complaints might tarnish the image of the company and hence the future. So high importance has to be spread across all departments in the company and should not be restricted to develop new products alone Poor pricing has been following Apple since its Macintosh introduction. [...]

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