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Ethics and governance: On Apple Inc.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Laudable decisions
  3. Culpable decisions
  4. Blame
  5. Standard normative doctrines
    1. Consequentialist doctrines
    2. Deontological doctrines
    3. Virtue ethics doctrines
  6. Standard ethical norms
  7. Conclusion

Tim Cook wrote that any accident was deeply disturbing, and issues concerning working conditions was a cause of concern, and every year they inspected more factories, thus raising the bar for their partners and getting deeper into the supply chain, and added that they have made a great deal of progress in improving conditions for the hundreds of thousands of employees.

Apple had asked Outside Group to inspect its factories, in responding to the increasing outcry over the working conditions in its overseas factories, and that the outside organization had stared auditing the working conditions at the factories where the bulk of the iPads, iPhones, and other Apple products were built, after which the group would make its findings public. For the first time Apple started divulging information it once considered secret. Apple pledged to accord the auditors unrestricted access to all their operations during the inspections (Duhigg, &, Barboza, 2012)

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