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Food Processing: Frozen ready meals - The Marie Case

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  1. Frozen ready meal sector
    1. The sector
    2. Firms of the ready meal sector
    3. French market of frozen ready meals (mass market)
    4. Strategies of Marie's main competitors
  2. Short profile of Marie
    1. Corporate culture
    2. The target
    3. The noise
  3. Swot analysis
  4. Communication mix
    1. Communication planning
    2. Media planning
    3. Advertising Media
    4. The message
    5. Institution Communication
    6. Public relations
  5. Future trend

Marie is a food processing company that specializes in fresh ready meals and frozen ready meals. Marie manufactures and commercializes products with the brands Marie, Bocuse, Luang (exotic meals), Weight Watchers (light meals) and also the Uniq group which is a major player of the food processing sector in Europe. Frozen products appeared in 1983 with the brand Marie and in 1985 frozen ready meals were launched. Marie's values are simplicity, trust, respect and enthusiasm. Marie has different customer groups: distribution groups in France (Carrefour, Leclerc, System U, Casino), hard discount sellers, shops specialized in frozen products, catering out of home (collective and commercial), importers and exporters. The turnover was about 435 million Euros in 2007 and Marie sold 83,000 tons of products. There are 1,400 employees in the company. 53% of the products sold are frozen products and 47% are fresh products. 80% of the products are sold to the general public, 10% are sold to catering out of home and 5% of the products are sold to export. The head office is based in Rungis. Innovation is really important in this company and takes place in different ways like new recipes, new concepts, and better flavor to the customer and also better quality of the products. More than 50 new products are launched every year for mass-market retailing,. New products in the market that are less than two years old, contribute to 20% of the turnover. 20 new products are launched per year for catering from home.

[...] Thus Marie has to use this type of plan media to win market share , and to be aware the most of people on its frozen ready meals. We choose the ?Continuous - Failing? media plan. 3 month period) Quantity of adverts Communication campaigns Wells, Moriarty, Burnett, (2006), Advertising: principles and practice, Pearson International Edition Edition, Chap11, pp.291 to th Marie has to present its new product, it has just to present them at the beginning and make a big advertising. [...]

[...] Service and convenience (container made to be put into the microwave, decrease time to heat frozen products, family size fresh ready) Problem of recycling waste and ENVIRONMENTAL making products with less packaging Label AFPRAL in favour of LEGAL allergic people which guarantees a set of tests the food = competitive advantage for the labelled brands Catering and fresh ready meals Bonduelle traiteur (France) Caugant ( Argoat Le Hir company, French group UNICOPA) Fleury Michon traiteur Marie Frais (Uniq Group Cofigéo Group Jean Stalaven Agis (group LDC Traiteur) Pierre Martinet Sodebo Papillote (group Euralis) Delpeyrat (group Maïsadour) ) Canned food La Belle Chaurienne Conserves de France Raynal et Roquelaure (group Cofigéo) Spanghero Compagnie Générale de Conserves William saurin (group Turenne Lafayette) Frozen ready meals Findus (group Capvest) Bonduelle Picard Thiriet Marie (Uniq group) Owns brands (E.g. [...]

[...] The mother of two children who buys occasionally frozen ready meals when she doesn't have the time to cook (Wednesday)and when she wants to spend time for herself. She is between time 35-45 years old. Moreover, we can say that there is also a small target: single men who don't know how to cook and don't have their wife. They are between 25-75 years old. THE NOISE5 Layoffs: Fact: plants closures due to the bad economic situation and the lack of rea the reactivity competitors Source: the workers and the journalists Fact: breakdown of the cold chain so the products are defrosted but instead of getting rid of them, the companies decided to refreeze and sell them. [...]

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