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Google's development strategy

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  1. Google's overview
    1. Google early success
    2. Google's organization
  2. Google's development strategy
    1. Google's deal with AOL
    2. The competition with Microsoft for AOL
  3. Google's perspectives
    1. Technology and medias markets
    2. Google's plans for the future

Google is one of the best examples of companies that have boomed owing to the eruption of the Internet at the beginning of the 21st century. The companies based their entire business model on the Internet and trust the growth potential of this emerging media. After a slump in the early 2000's, the Internet industry is on the rise. A number of Internet companies are among the wealthiest firms in the world. Through Innovative management, Google has managed to develop itself to become a stalwart in the Internet industry. We will see through this study how Google managed to reach the top and how it has been able to sustain at that level. Then we will analyze Google's perspectives for the future.

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