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Intercultural management, electronic arts in China: strategic plan

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  1. Logistics
  2. Human resources plan
  3. Cultural issues
  4. Negotiation issues
  5. Market issues
  6. Expatriate issues
  7. Piracy issues

Electronic Arts, an American company specializing in video games wants to expand its products all around the world where there are opportunities. The American company founded in 1983 and based in Redwood City in California, is today one of the top ten companies as video game producers in the world. The success of the company is due to many factors. The first one is the fact that the company bought many important licences that could lead to blockbusters: sport ones like NBA, FIFA or also movie ones like Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. Also, Electronic Arts is at the origin of many different blockbusters such as the Need for Speed series and the Sim's ones. The products are sold in many countries that accept and consume video games like the Americans. Now with the emerging economy and the rising number of people, China represents a real opportunity for many different industries. Entertainment is one of them. So many video game producers and machine producers such as Nintendo or computers equipped with Windows are trying to get the best market shares before the market is full. Electronic Arts have to act rapidly in order to have its place in it. China is not a country to underestimate because the population represents 1/6 of the globe, and the economy is growing fast. But there are many points that are necessary to be known before entering the Chinese market.

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