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Kompan: Profitability

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  1. Interpretation
  2. Models/theory
  3. Kompan and Danish market
  4. Kompan's revenue
  5. Conclusion

When competitors is mentioned it is in the Danish market and when comparing to how Kompan is globally there is shortly described their market position and situation on the American market and which competitors they are up against in this geographical segment. The focus for the industry lies on the Danish market.

To answer question 2 there is used concentration level to show how the playground industry is placed in this matrix. Also it is described what stage in the business cycle the company is placed in.

Question 3 makes it necessary to mention reasons for driving change and how Kompan can react on this. This will be explained by using the description of ?Megatrends? and ?Drucker's seven sources of innovation?. It is followed by an explanation how ABM/ABC could be used to fulfill these processes considering upstream- and downstream-processes, complemented by an example of a 4 field customer matrix.

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