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Kompan: Theories and models applied

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  1. Introduction
  2. Interpretation of the questions
  3. Characteristics of the industry
  4. Scope
  5. Theories and models applied
  6. Answer to questions raised
    1. Dynamic capabilities
    2. Prahalad's thinking
  7. Conclusion

To start with, Kompan's ambition is to ?be the global leader by providing unique playground solutions that promote health and learning of their users'. The way they have approached their vision is through development of dynamic capabilities. The dynamic capabilities are the strategic resources and the competitive advantage the company has. They are acquired over time by having consistent policies and flows. The assets should be non-tradable, non-imitable and non-replaceable.

The strategic assets are combination of stocks and flows. The stocks of the assets represent the know-how of the company, its core competence and the flow are the efforts put in the development of the stocks and the depreciation of the know-how that occur. Kompan's strategic asset stocks are represented by the already acquired companies. This provides the company with strong core competence in different areas such as developing the best practice of having the best employees, unique design and constant innovation.

This capability has a slight chance of imitation; however, it will take a big investment of time and resources. Furthermore, the non-tradable asset Kompan has developed over time is their reputation of high quality, safe and educative playgrounds. They have been awarded with many prizes in this area. This capability they have developed cannot be bought by competitors; it will also take a lot of time and consistency to reach it.

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