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Life cycle analysis (LCA) of a PET bottle

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  1. Introduction
  2. Goal definition and scoping
    1. Product
    2. The choice of study
  3. Life cycle impact assessment
  4. Life cycle interpretation
  5. Conclusion

In this report, the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of a PET bottle of water will be conducted. This method of analysis must deal with different issues at view to respect the ISO Standard 14040-14044 (Komly, 2012). We have chosen to study a PET bottle because it is one of the most common object of our everyday life. In the world over 100 million water bottle are used every day: This study will be carried out in order to answer these questions: - What is the overall environmental impact of this product and what are the life phases weighting the most in that aspect? - What is the environmental balance sheet of a PET bottle in terms sustainability? E.g. The recycling of used bottles to create new ones or other products. - What are the uncertainty parameters in the possible manufacturing and delivering process and how can they interfere in the balance sheet? - What are the opportunities presently available to decrease the environmental weight of a PET bottle? To answer the questions displayed above, the functional unit will be defined as below: ?Packaging of 0.5L of drinkable water in a PET bottle to bring the content from the production place to the consumption point?..

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