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Lockheed Martin Corporation: Strategic analysis

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  1. Introduction
  2. Development of vision and mission statements for Lockheed Martin
  3. External opportunities and threats
  4. Competitive profile matrix
  5. External factor evaluation (EFE) matrix for Lockheed Martin
  6. Internal strengths and weaknesses
  7. Internal factor evaluation (IFE) Matrix for Lockheed Martin
  8. SWOT analysis
  9. Strategic position and action evaluation (SPACE) matrix
  10. Boston consulting group (BCG) matrix
  11. Internal-external (IE) matrix
  12. Grand strategy matrix
  13. Quantitative strategic planning matrix (QSPM)
  14. Recommended strategies and long-term objectives
  15. Implementation and expectations
  16. Projected financial statements and forecasted ratios
  17. Annual objectives and policies
  18. Strategy review and evaluation
  19. Conclusion
  20. Bibliography

Lockheed Martin is a multinational aerospace manufacturer and advanced technology company formed in 1995. Company's headquarter is located in Maryland, and Robert J. Stevens is the current CEO and president of the firm (?Lockheed Martin,? 2009).
Lockheed Martin's major operating units include these business areas as given below:

A ? Aeronautics
B ? Electronic Systems
C ? Information Systems & Global Services
D ? Space Systems

Existing Vision, Mission Statement, Objectives, and Standards of Lockheed Martin Corporation
According to Chamblee (2000), Lockheed Martin's stated vision is as follows:

?For Lockheed Martin to be the world's leading technology and system enterprise, providing best value to our customers, growth opportunities to our employees, and superior returns to our stockholders.?

Tags: CPM matrix of Lockheed Martin, EFE Matrix of Lockheed, Lockheed Martin corporation (internal factor evaluation)

[...] Financing and investment alliance with any strong company can help in growing network in foreign markets. A bright and optimistic position of Lockheed Martin is expected which is only possible by careful analysis and good time management to follow recommended long-term objectives. Risk factors are involved in following recommended strategies, but it can also bring huge and long-term benefits for the company. After following the suggested strategies, Lockheed Martin can experience hard financial statements and increased level of liabilities only at the beginning stage. [...]

[...] On the other hand, defensive strategy can be very dangerous for Lockheed Martin due to its competition with companies like Boeing and British Aerospace. Aggressive strategy in terms of increasing product lines, joint ventures, diversification, and exploring new markets can also help in getting financial stability and productivity. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix BCG Matrix helps in organizing and categorization of different business units according to their market share and growth. It includes four quadrants named as ?cash ?question marks?, and (?Growth-share,? 2009). [...]

[...] defense market and relatively lower global presence of Lockheed Martin as compare to other major competitors can be a big threat for the company. Low global presence, technological failures due to not exploring new advanced technology, strong competitors in the market, government regulations and restrictions, and possible decrease in U.S. government spending for defense products are few major threats for Lockheed Martin. Chamblee (2000) mentions that Lockheed Martin's major revenue comes from the U.S. defense market. Therefore, dependability on a single market can be the biggest threat for the company. [...]

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