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Marketing plan by BYB consulting: Koi restaurant

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  1. Introduction
  2. Business opportunity analysis
    1. Defining the business
    2. Environment
    3. Market analysis
    4. Organizational capacity and business opportunity
  3. Objectives and strategies
    1. Quantitative objectives
    2. Qualitative objectives
    3. Strategy
  4. Competitive advantage design
    1. Positioning
    2. Experience concept
    3. Experience chart
    4. Emotional chart
    5. Pricing
  5. Access
    1. Psychological access
    2. Media access
    3. Physical access
  6. Activation
  7. Animation
  8. Conclusion

Sushi Shop is a French chain of fast Japanese food which is developed world-wide (Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and USA) with a turnover of 110€ millions. The sushi shop adventure started in 1998, created by Gregory Marciano and first established rue de Longchamps in Paris and counting 93 shops today.

This company has the image of chic fast Japanese food, and suggest top of the range products. It developed a real concept, gets help from a well-known chef, standardized its shops, created a catalog and simplified the takeaway by using new technologies.

The La Rochelle Sushi Shop does not have on the spot services, only a terrace suggesting around 20 seats which can be used during the spring/summer period. The restaurant is open every day for 2 time slots. Sushi Shop is our most important competitor.

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