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Negotiating strategy

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  1. Theory and concept of chinese negotiation theorical approach.
    1. Subject and methodological approach of the theorical concept.
    2. The crucial anticipation.
    3. The oblique negotiation.
    4. The necessary mediations.
  2. Chinese behaviour about negotiation psycho-sociological approach.
    1. Chinese behaviour in negotiations.
  3. Chinese negotiation process-pragmatical approach.
    1. The process of negotiation.
    2. Chinese negotiating principle.
    3. A negotiation,strategies.
    4. Negotiating whith chinese partners.
  4. Businnes culture-cultural approach.
    1. Introduction : who (and where) are the Chinese
    2. Confucianism.
    3. Chinese stratagems.
    4. Understanding the chinese business networking concept : 'Guanxi'.
    5. Business culture.
    6. Government.
    7. Leadership.
    8. Employee relation.
    9. Tips.
  5. Chinese diaspora in the United States.
    1. Overview of overseas chinese networks.
    2. The US chinese diaspora.
    3. US chinese network's impact onto China.

Negotiation is generally defined as a dynamic process through which several parties (at least two) try to solve a "conflict", whether active or latent, which opposes them, and freely look for an "agreement". The conflict (opposition of opinions and/or interests) is "omnipresent and inevitable": "it cannot be totally suppressed nor totally eliminated; it can, however, be managed, channeled, or contained". That is why negotiation is at the center of all human activities, so much so that I. W.ZARTMANN (1976) declared that the current society is going through "the negotiation age". According to this eight schools of thought are apparently facing themselves on the negotiation field: "historic, contextual, structural, strategic, per types of personalities, per behavioral capacities, per processual variables, and the procedural school". The analysis of negotiation mobilizes a growing number of disciplines: Economics and management science, social psychology, political science, the theories of games and decision

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