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Nucor case

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  1. Identify the key issues
    1. Focus on the internal capabilities
    2. Finding new segments to increase revenues
    3. Substitutes: change from scrap to iron ore?
  2. Mobilize strategic choices
    1. Strategy: not investing in the thin slab casting
    2. Strategy: invest in the Thin Slab Casting

Throughout its history, the company has developed several capabilities that result in a competitive advantage. However, they need to focus on some of them which are essential to their development and put aside others. Firstly, the management structure is a big asset to be kept because they have a specific organization - decentralized decision making process, good transmission of information, little hierarchy - that enables them to outperform their competitors. Secondly, they have developed an attractive HR policy. Through empowerment, production related incentives, equalitarian treatment and high level training, Nucor has succeeded in committing its employees, and becoming one of the best workplaces in the steel industry, where strikes are frequent. It enabled Nucor to be on the one hand the second most productive steel company in the world, and on the other hand a reliable supplier. Lastly, as the rivalry in the steel industry is very high among the competitors, technological leadership is a crucial factor if one doesn't want to be technologically left behind.

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