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Patagonia company

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Market analysis.
    1. The outdoor clothing market.
    2. Consumer trends.
    3. The competitors.
  3. The company.
    1. History of the company.
    2. Analysis of the company.
  4. Patagonia as a business model.
    1. Environmentally-based marketing program.
    2. The role of Patagonia.
    3. The societal marketing.
    4. Patagonia, a socially responsible business.
    5. Critics of these concepts.
  5. Is the Patagonian market responsive?
    1. The buyer decision process.
    2. The evolution of the industry.
    3. Is price an issue for Patagonia?
  6. The furture of the company.
    1. Opportunities.
    2. Threats.
    3. Networks of perception.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Bibliography.

Nowadays, people increasingly realize that the earth is in danger and that if we keep on damaging it the future generation will face significant problems such as lack of water, of natural resources and global warming. That's why many actions are taken by numerous organisations and that people not only tend to use fair-trade but also involve themselves in environmental causes. Patagonia has been doing it for many years, when people did not even realize that the earth was in jeopardy. It has always taken in account environmental issues by offering good-quality products and avoiding damage on nature. However, today the company is accused of using this environmental commitment as a marketing strategy. Thus, we are going to deal with this business case, in order to make you more familiar with the company. Any sporting or recreational activity that takes place outdoors, as compared to a sport or an activity requiring indoor installations. It is also a sport or an activity directly linked with the nature that is to say away from civilization (e.g. climbing, fishing, canoeing, trekking).

[...] The brand The price between and about about 100 between and about 100 about So, we can say that Chlorophyll has higher prices than competitors, but as Patagonia it is a way to put the quality of the products forward. And finally we can conclude that the leading brands have cheaper fleece jackets in order to attract all kinds of consumers. II) The company A. History of the company The founder of the company: Yvon Chouinard Yvon Chouinard was born in 1938 in Maine, and became an outdoor activities and sports lover since his teen age. [...]

[...] REI Cozumel Organic cotton/Lycra Patagonia long-sleeves waffle crew Long- sleeve tee $28 with 95% of organic cotton with 75% of organic cotton and of spandex, and 25% polyester. Patagonia's products are pricey. But we can understand most of that, because people get what they pay for and high quality products cost the manufacturer more money. However there are at least three other reasons. First the company is involved in environmental protection so part of the money goes to protect the wilderness and to promote renewable energy sources (solar /wind). [...]

[...] In fact, the three of them concern the environment, and the way Patagonia try to protect it by at the same time offering good products. Others who cannot trust firms that are ran with these concepts criticize them. Critics of Corporate social Responsibility argues that the only reason corporations put in place social and environmental projects is for the benefit they see in raising their reputation with the public and the government. They suggest a number of reasons why self-interested corporations solely seeking to maximise profits are unable to advance the interests of society as a whole. [...]

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