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Personal case : Is IT useful for SMEs, and if yes, in which way?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of the SME's in global economy
  3. Differences between SME's and large corporation
  4. Methodology for implementing an it system
  5. Conclusion

The use of Information and Communication Technologies by Small and Medium Sized Companies (SMEs) have the potential to enable these businesses to growth through access to new markets and administrative efficiencies. However, the growth of the SMEs is hindered by their inability to adopt IT Systems. Obviously, the success or failure of an enterprise depends not only on an information system, but it can be a predominant factor. This paper investigates how SMEs can adopt an IT System to growth and achieve competitiveness. Most of the time, when we think about information systems, our thoughts directly go to large enterprises. However, small and medium enterprises have a prominent place in the economy of a country. In France alone, 90% of companies have less than 50 employees. However, such systems are mainly developed for large structures, obscuring SMEs for several reasons. The latter have "little" financial resources, limiting the cost of development and acquisition of an information system (unless you acquire software pre-designed but often not responds to all expectations and needs of a small structure). SMEs also have structural characteristics, organizational and administrative quite different major groups. The integration of an information system becomes even more complicated because it must blend perfectly with the company as it is now, showing often a well-oiled machine, which allows an easy evolution, but can easily seize, if an outside disturbs its operation.

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