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Product mix: Head and Shoulder shampoo

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  1. The company introduces new products more often in comparison to her competitors
  2. The brand has continuedbeen improved since then and there are varying types of the same brand made specifically for specific hair types

Head and Shoulder shampoo is one of the brands of Procter and Gamble Company, which has a wide range of products. The company is a top notch in its field dealing with care and hygiene products aiming different market groups. The company has a well spread out product mix. In this regard the company has many products which it avails to customers. The mix of products is one that gives the company an upper hand in the industry.

[...] Currently, there are nine Head & Shoulders varieties for different hair types (Head and Shoulders, 2015). However, as a plan for the company to further the brand and make better use of it, the company looks forward to increase research and hopes to increase even more varieties of different hair types in the future. From the company, the brand has yet to become a dog and continued innovation on the product will assist the company to venture into new markets and avail the product there. [...]

[...] Thus, it can be seen from above that the company introduces all the three types of new products, that is, improvement on existing ones, completely new products as well as products to compete with other products, this can be attributed to the different objectives that the company seeks to achieve such as to outdo the competitors and maintain their customer base, they introduce new products to compete with those of their competitors thus preventing their customers from buying the competitors goods, the entirely new products are developed for new needs as well as new markets which may emerge. The brand aforementioned, Head and Shoulders shampoo, was introduced in the US market in 1950 by the company as an anti-dandruff formula. The product was received well by the target market and gave the company increased revenues since then. Through continued research by the company's affiliates and researchers, it was found that Pyriythione Zinc made it more effective at eliminating the dandruff. [...]

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