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New product report of SOOTHE Inc.

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  1. Brief description of SOOTHE Company
  2. Market analysis
  3. Identification of opportunity
  4. Silicone suction cupping
  5. Gua Sha
  6. SWOT analysis for each technique (comparative analysis)
  7. Profitability
  8. Concept evaluation and selection
  9. Strategic planning
  10. Launch
  11. Requirements

SOOTH Inc is an American company that is specialized in the massage therapy business. This new product management report indicates the extent to which this company can increase its profitability and gain a competitive advantage if it penetrates the new Markets of Asia, Middle East and Europe. Two different products such as Gua Sha and Cupping were considered to choose which one best suit the business model of SOOTHE Inc. A comparative analysis between Gua Sha and Cupping indicated that Gua Sha is the most suitable in terms of costs involved in creating value and the level of satisfaction that it can provide.

[...] [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Jul. 2016]. [...]

[...] The product This is a new service called Gua Sha that SOOTHE is intending to launch and to penetrate new markets of Europe, Middle East and Asian. Gua Sha will be added to other existing services offered by the company to its many customers in the United States (Dominici p.11). Prices The prices of Gua Sha services offered by SOOTHE will be competitive as the company will strive to minimize costs. In order to achieve this, SOOTHE works closely with independent and hilly skilled therapists who deliver high-quality services. [...]

[...] and Nunnewar, S. (2015). Blended Infant Massage?Parenting Enhancement Program on Recovering Substance-Abusing Mothers' Parenting Stress, Self-Esteem, Depression, Maternal Attachment, and Mother-Infant Interaction. Asian Nursing Research, pp.318-327. Sefton, PhD, (2011). Developing, Maintaining, and Using a Body of Knowledge for the Massage Therapy Profession. IJTMB, 4(3). SOOTHE (2016). About SOOTHE . [online] SOOTHE - Massage Delivered To You. Available at: https://www.SOOTHE .com/about [Accessed 14 Aug. 2016]. SOOTHE INC., (2016). SOOTHE INC.: Private Company Information - Businessweek. [...]

[...] (2012). Gua Sha, an ancient technical management, for certain illness. Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, pp.3- 4. Nielsen, A., Kligler, B. and Koll, B. (2014). Addendum: Safety Standards for Gua sha (press- stroking) and Ba guan (cupping). Complementary Therapies in Medicine, pp.446- 448. Nielsen, A., Kligler, B. and Koll, B. (2014). Addendum: Safety Standards for Gua Sha (press- stroking) and Ba guan (cupping). Complementary Therapies in Medicine, pp.446- 448. Osborn, K. [...]

[...] Monthly operating Fees The above table consists of costs involved in the activities of launching Gua Sha service per location. The services will be offered in new markets of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Therefore, based on the findings of the SWOT analysis and market analysis, there is no doubt that this service will be profitable if SOOTHE takes into consideration the customers' needs and the market situation. References AMTA, (2009). Massage Industry: Research Report. 1st ed. American Massage Therapy Association. [...]

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