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Strategic Marketing: Case of Dr Pepper Seven Up, Inc. - Squirt Brand

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SSquirt is a carbonated soft drink that belongs to Dr Pepper / Seven Up, Inc. It is one of the leading brands that dominate market shares in the soft drink segment in the USA. Squirt is one of the best selling brands among citrus flavored drinks and its sales volume tends to stagnate faced with the huge marketing budgets allocated by its two main competitors: the Coca Cola Company and The Pepsi Company. The market is witnessing tremendous growth due to the arrival of new consumers, new behaviors and also the introduction of new organizational capabilities.

Integrating the best marketing techniques, enhancing reputation and brand image of the product, providing a good positioning in order to remain competitive and raising the level of sales in this market where competition is fierce are few of the measures required for the development of the brand.

Commonly, we can say that the US inhabitants are heavy consumers of carbonated soft drinks. In 2000, there was more consumption of carbonated soft drinks than water. Their consumption amounted 849 eight-ounce servings per year, which represents about 2.3 eight-ounce servings per day.

Furthermore, we can notice that the consumption of carbonated soft drinks also depends on the age factor. The biggest consumers are in the age group of 20 to 49 years who constitute the largest part of the US total population. People over 25 years seem to consume diet carbonated drinks, It has also been observed that regular sugared drinks are heavily consumed by the African and Hispanic American teenagers.

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