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Strategies of expansion at the time of deceleration: The case of LVMH

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Background to the dissertation topic.
    1. The global economic situation.
    2. The luxury industry: Key drivers of the market.
    3. Presentation of the company LVMH.
  3. Research objectives.
    1. Research problem.
    2. The objectives of the research.
    3. Structure of the proposal.
  4. Definition of the terms.
    1. Luxury industry.
    2. Strategy.
  5. The different strategies used by LVMH.
    1. Diversification strategy.
    2. Portfolio management.
    3. Synergies.
  6. Methodology.
    1. Design.
  7. Method & data collection.
    1. Primary data.
    2. Secondary data.
  8. Reliability/Validity.
  9. Limitations.
  10. Timetable.
  11. Expected results.
  12. References.

The year 2004 represented one of the best year that the world economy has experienced since the beginning of the millennium. Indeed the growth of the Gross World Product (GWP) has increased by 4 per cent in 2004 compared to only 2.8 per cent in 2003. However this high rate of growth in 2004 can be easily explained by the fact that the improvement was almost universal. Indeed all the regions of the world reached impressive growth rates in 2004 compared to the figures of 2003. Even countries in specific conditions of development, ?the least developed countries and landlocked countries, grew by more than 5 per cent during? this year. Nevertheless the economic situation among Triad countries (Japan, Europe and the United States) has not been so successful. Indeed major economic problems remain in Europe, especially the high rate of unemployment, and in Japan also, which represent two of the 3 most important markets for LVMH. For the year 2005, economic results are even weaker. According to the WTO economic analysts world output decreases. This is partly attributed to the huge increase of oil prices, which have slowed down the world trade growth in 2005.

[...] I will start to write the findings of my research and the remaining chapters as soon as the beginning of October in order to be able to send a first draft to my facilitator to change it according to her feedback. In November my time will be dedicated to the final draft that I will submit mid-December. Activity May June July August September October November research Research Proposal Expected results Through this investigation I would like to be able to determine the key strategies that LVMH implemented to become the leader of the luxury market in only [...]

[...] Consequently it is interesting to understand the strategic tools that are used by these kinds of companies and more precisely by LVMH to give to their clients the desire and even to some extent the need to buy expensive commodities in a sullen economic environment The luxury industry: key drivers of the market Imperfect competition The luxury market does not come up to the perfect competition characteristics. The perfect competition can be defined as economic model that describes a hypothetical market form in which no producer or consumer has the market power to influence prices. [...]

[...] I have already started to send e-mails for interviews in the different companies of the LVMH group. I especially insisted on the fact that all the data collected during these interviews will be strictly confidential and that they will only be used for a personal utilisation. Concerning the newspapers and the consulting companies, I sent one e-mail to a company in which I worked as an intern last year. The firm is based in Hamburg (BDO AG) and they do strategic consulting for international companies all around Europe. [...]

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