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A Ferrero group: Strategy analysis of Kinder

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  1. Introduction
  2. External diagnosis
    1. Opportunities and Threats
    2. Five force to carry
    3. Competition
  3. Internal Diagnosis
    1. Products' history
    2. Marketing Mix
  4. Organizational and policy strategy
    1. Organizational policy
    2. Ferrero policy
  5. Conclusion

The Ferrero Group is a company of Italian origin the founder Pietro Ferrero of which was a chocolate maker-pastry cook to Alba, a village of Piemont in the North of Italy. This company created in 1946 specializes itself in the candy and the chocolate factory. It expansion is really do in 1949 in particular during the launch of the famous chocolate spread, Nutella, which appears after the death of the founder. His son Michel takes over the business at this moment. Ferrero is a Limited company to board of directors head office of which is based in Holy Mount Aignan. Its main activities are the manufacturing of cocoa, chocolates and products of candy. The board of director is chaired by Mr. CAPURSO Marco, its Chief Executive Officer is Mr. THIL Frederic. Today the company employs more than 20 000 employees in worldwide. During year on 2009, it recorded one € staff turnovers and a result to 57.000.000

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