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Tips for Expanding your Floral Business

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  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing to the younger generation
  3. Differentiating to attract more customers
  4. Don't forget the over 50 customers
  5. Create a marketing kit to promote party and wedding business
  6. Creating a large party and wedding marketing plan
  7. Bridal shows
  8. Marketing your shop as the hospital shop
  9. Familiarize yourself with local florists and supermarkets
  10. Event marketing for corporations
  11. How do you sell to large companies in your area?
  12. Advertising that targets corporate clients
  13. Partnering with local area businesses to promote business
  14. Offer 24 hour service to all area funeral homes
  15. The better business bureau and the chamber of commerce
  16. Bibliography

When you initially open a shop one of the hardest tasks is building a customer base and keeping those customers. If you are lucky enough to open in an exclusive area with heavy walk-in traffic, then you don't have to rush to build up your customers. However, if you off the beaten path and need business, you are going to have to create a plan to draw customers to your store, your website or at least to call in orders. Hopefully, you already planned your marketing strategy when you laid out your business plan. If not, here is an idea to help you along the way.

[...] You can create a simple brochure for you and your new partners that explains that while you are not directly affiliated with any of the businesses in the partnership, you are joining forces to make it easier on the prospective customer when planning a party. It may take a few tries with various partners and in getting the word out but once you have found the right recipe, you could start reaping great rewards from just agreeing to meet together with prospective clients. [...]

[...] In other words, you pay to have your name associated with a group of companies that have decided that they can define the ethical standards for the business world. You have the ability to take advantage of their special networking and workshops with other companies who paid to get on the list. And finally, they allow you to associate with these thousands of other businesses who paid to get their name on the list. It sounds to me like a lot of people paying good money to get their name on a list. [...]

[...] If you perform the detailed analysis of your last Bridal Show and find out that you did in fact recoup more than enough business to cover the costs then, go for it. You are one of the lucky ones who reaps enough business from these shows to cover costs and make some money. If not, then you need to reconsider where your money is being spent. First off, you can try for a WOW factor at the Bridal Show that will differentiate you from the rest of the herd. [...]

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