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A new women’s perfume / cologne

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  1. Introduction
  2. Define your product or service
  3. What is its function?
  4. What problem or opportunity does it solve?
  5. What is its name / brand?
  6. Reaching your audience
  7. Delivering the message
  8. Regulatory issues
  9. Final campaign

Of all time man has never stopped worrying about her good be for better living. To invest in his image is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for shine and succeed in the society that is ours. Since the beginning of this century this concern develops a gigantic market, and has become a key vector in economic development world. Yet it remains still a hitch about this continuous problem in this race to perfection. This hitch is located "in onself" ! Our physics as we know is a factory which runs continuously to ensure our well-being and our good health. Like any factory, we process products to making others, and inevitably there is a rejection of waste found at the end. These waste as their name implies are unwanted remains, that do not have a good smell. This is what bothers us! Because these 'waste' may put some people in situations that can become very embarrassing: such as occasional constipation.

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