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A look at Religare Securities Ltd

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  1. Introduction.
    1. General introduction.
    2. Objective of the study.
    3. Industry profile.
  2. Profile of the organization.
    1. Origin of the organization.
    2. Growth and development of the organization.
    3. Present status of the organization.
    4. Future plans of the organization.
    5. Functional departments of the organization.
    6. Organization structure and organization chart.
    7. Product and service profile of the organization.
    8. Market profile of the organization.
  3. Discussions on training.
    1. Work profile.
    2. Description of live experience.
    3. Student's contribution to the organization.
  4. Study of selected research problem.
    1. Statement of research problem.
    2. Statement of research objective.
    3. Research design and methodology.
    4. Analysis of data.
    5. Summary of findings.
  5. Summary and conclusions.
    1. Summary of learning experience.
    2. Conclusions and recommendations.
  6. Annexures.

Apparently nothing but change is stable in the world, which interestingly offers both ? opportunities and challenges. Change is an exciting opportunity to reposition oneself because of the survival crisis created by unanticipated change or the excitement offer by the unfolding of new caverns of opportunities, which were not visible to the naked eye. As we drive towards our objective of creating wealth, we need to employ the right investment vehicles, at the right time. Given the unpredictable nature of equity markets, staying on course requires expert maneuvering, time and effort. That's where Portfolio Management comes in. It gives our portfolio the edge by skill fully sifting through available investment opportunities to help us reduce risk and maximize our returns; even as we are left with ample time to focus on more pressing matters. Religare Securities nationwide presence is reflected by a strong retail distribution network that span India's top 162(Aprox) Cities 25(aprox) Zones with around 277 branches, aprox. 900 sub-brokers and over 20,000 coordinators. This facilitates process over one lakh secondary market trades everyday.

[...] From the questionnaire, its found out that most investors invest in more than one scheme of Religare Securities Ltd . Two factors were highly influencing the investment decision and they were occupation and the criterion for choosing a broking house. CHAPTER SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 5.1 SUMMARY OF LEARNING EXPERIENCE During the training I not only learnt about trading and security market but also got a chance to make investor aware of company's financial products and tried to convert them into Religare Securities Ltd. [...]

[...] As a result, these traders decided to be meeting at a coffeehouse, which they used as the marketplace. Eventually, they took over the coffeehouse and changed its name to ?stock exchange'. This was in the year 1773, and the first stock exchange, the London Stock Exchange, was founded. Financial intermediaries (brokers, fund managers, investment advisers investment banks etc) and other instruments like bonds were then to follow suit as an inevitable consequence. The debt market is much more popular than the equity markets in most parts of the world. [...]

[...] Overall the experience at Religare Securities will help me a lot to work in better way in future STUDENT'S CONTRIBUTION TO ORGANIZATION I did not contribute as much as company's employees contribute since I use to go just four days a week. But in those four days also I tried my level best to gather information regarding competitor firms of Religare Securities Ltd like Sharekhan, Reliance Money, India Bulls, ICICI direct, ING Vysya etc. I gathered information regarding their brokerage rates, their working pattern, their market share, no. [...]

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