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A study on H & R Johnson (India) Ltd (A member of Johnson ceramics international – UK)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Number of units and production demand
  3. Floor tiling processing method
    1. Steps used to select the right amount of tiles and adhersive
    2. Watch points
  4. Company profile
  5. Product profile
    1. Marbonite
    2. Introduction of the latest sanitary ware from Vitra, Turkey by MILANO
  6. Research methodology
    1. Sampling and sample size
  7. Analysis and data interpretation
  8. Conclusion

The industry is de-licensed. It is classified as high priority for industrial use. Tableware and allied items namely, dinner sets, tea sets, cups and saucers, jars. etc. in stoneware, semi-vitreous ware and earthen ware are reserved for the SSI sector. State-of-the-art ceramic goods are being manufactured in the country and the technology adopted by the Indian ceramic industry is of international standards. The scope of modern ceramics is much wider today. During the last two decades, there has been a phenomenal growth in the field of technical ceramics to meet specific demands of industry such as high alumina ceramics, cutting tools and other structural ceramics.

There are at present 14 units in the organized sector with an installed capacity of 12 lakh MT. Some of the units have either closed or merged with the existing units. It accounts for about 2.5 per cent of the world ceramic tile production. The ceramic tile industry has grown at 11 per cent per annum during the last three years. In India the per capita ceramic tile consumption is 0.09sq. m. per annum as compared to 1.2 sq.m. in China and 5.6.sq.m. per annum in European countries. Its demand is expected to increase with the growth in the housing sector. Indian tiles are competitive in the international market. Sanitary ware is also manufactured both in large and small sectors with variance in type, range, quality and standard. This industry has been growing at 5% per annum for past 5 years.

[...] Before fixing wall tiles, several cartons should be opened and their contents mixed to provide an attractive natural finish, an acceptable color blend and to observe the direction of the patterning. Floor tiles Slight variation in overall size and shade of floor tiles occurs during the manufacturing process. Where possible, sufficient tiles for the area to be covered should be obtained in one consignment to ensure that a supply of compatible sizes and shades is achieved. COMPANY PROFILE H. & R. [...]

[...] Random sampling involves picking out the units of the population or 'the sample on a random basis. A simple random sample was chosen from each group and dealers business place only. SAMPLE SIZE A sample size of 50 customers of Johnson tiles were chosen keeping in mind the time constraint. To arrive at the correct analysis the data was collected, classified and interpreted in terms of average and percentages which helps in visualizing the data effectively. ANALYSIS & DATA INTERPRETATION TABLE TABLE SHOWING CUSTOMER AWARENESS OF D[FFERENT BRANDS OF TILES COMPANIES Brands No. [...]

[...] There are 16 units in the organized sector with a total installed capacity of 43.000 tones per annum. Bone china crockery ware is being imported from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in view of the availability of cheap natural gas and better availability of raw material there. Since then new varieties of float and sheet glass capacities have been added, technology development allows for development of insulated glass which results in savings in energy cost for air-conditioning. The combined capacity of sheet glass, float glass, and wired glass is around 135 million sq.m. [...]

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