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A study on the Indian automobile industry in relation to Skoda

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  1. Introdution
  2. Indian car industry
    1. Recent trends in the automobile industry in India
  3. Skoda Auto worldwide
    1. Changes in the Skoda symbol over the years
  4. Skoda Auto India
    1. Assembly plant of Skoda Auto in india
  5. Financial management in Skoda Auto
    1. Ratio analysis
    2. Comparitive analysis
    3. Time series analysis
    4. Du-pont analysis
  6. Systems of auto dealership
  7. Principal accounting policies followed by the company
    1. Reports maintained
    2. Types of documents
    3. Maintenence of various other reports
  8. Auto finance
    1. Major players in auto finance
  9. An overview of ratio analysis and interpretation
  10. Balance sheet of Tafe Access Limited, 2004-'05
  11. Bibliography

If the business is all about finding or creating a customer, Indian Inc started developing a nodding acquaintance with this idea only around the1990s. In the last five years though the learning process has accelerated as competition intensified and the customer started slipping away from the manufacturers. And these things made manufacturers to develop new products and giving new technology to the customers. Once up on a time purchasing a car is only meant an Ambassador or Maruti. But in the current scenario it is totally changed. This extra- ordinary growth that the Indian automotive industry has witnessed is a result of a two major factors namely, the improvement in the living standards of the middle class, and an increase in their disposable incomes.

The far-reaching economic reforms undertaken since 1991 have unleashed the growth potential of the Indian economy. A series of ?Second Generation Reforms? aimed at deregulating the country and stimulating foreign investment have moved India firmly into the front ranks of the rapidly growing Asia Pacific region. The automobile sector comprises of all vehicles, including 2-3 wheelers, passenger cars and multi-utility vehicles, light and heavy commercial vehicles, and the allied engineering sector comprises largely of the auto components sector. Agricultural tractors and Earth Moving Machinery is an associated sector, which keeps the wheels of the agrarian economy moving. It is heavily reliant and aligned to the automobile and allied engineering sector and plays a significant role in India. The Automobile and Allied Engineering Industry may alternatively be termed the automotive industry.

[...] Compared to the rates in 1996 when interest on car loan was over 30 percent, the present figure is less than half of this figure. According to the survey conducted by the banks and financial institutions about 75 percentages of the customers gone for loan facility. Interest on car is in range of 7.5 to 10 percent. In order to capture more customers, ICICI Bank the market leader of the auto finance business has also explanted its reach into small cities and towns. [...]

[...] SKODA AUTO INDIA Skoda Auto set foot in India with the launch of Octavia in Delhi and Mumbai on 16th November 2001.Skoda Auto had a very practical approach starting with test marketing in Delhi and Mumbai and is expanding rapidly with 3 facilities across the country. Skoda Auto has made sure of having well qualified and fully trained personnel at the dealerships to cater to the ever growing car population and to support the technology introduced. Currently they have nine luxury models and 47 dealers. [...]

[...] In the 1990s, the Indian Government removed several restrictions in a bid to attract foreign investors into the automobile industry. Among the first to enter was Daewoo of South Korea, with its model Cielo, targeted at the upper end of the market. Other MNCs such as Ford and General Motors also entered the Indian market, followed by Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen. In this case, we shall examine the strategies of some of the major players in the Rs 18,500 crore Indian car markets and how successful they have been till date. [...]

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