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An organization study at Kotak Mahindra Bank

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  1. Introduction
  2. Organization structure
  3. Functions and policies of the Human Resources Department (HRD)
    1. Recruitment policy adopted by the company
    2. Manpower budgeting adopted by the company
    3. Manpower sourcing adopted by the company
    4. Selection procedure of candidates adopted by the company
  4. An overview of the annexure (a personnel requisition form)
  5. Motivational factors adopted by the company
    1. Race ? Sales force loyalty program
    2. Service award
  6. Employee welfare facilities
    1. Health/mediclaim facilities
  7. Record maintenence
  8. Code of conduct
    1. Purpose and scope
    2. Conduct at workplace
  9. Marketing department
  10. Finance department
  11. Swot analysis
  12. Suggestions and recommendations
  13. Bibliography

Kotak Mahindra is a ?20-year old new bank?. A part of the Kotak Mahindra Group that came into existence nearly 20 years ago and is one of India's leading financial institutions today enjoying the trust and confidence of over 5 lakh customers across the country. Partnering them in their growth has been leading international players like Goldman Sachs (Investment Banking and Equities), Ford Credit (Automobile Finance) and Old Mutual (Life Insurance).

Kotak offers a range of financial services and are market leaders in Retail Equities, Car Finance and Investment Banking. Their distinguished track record made them India's first ever company to be converted into a bank. At Kotak Mahindra Bank, they bring pragmatic world-class financial solutions for Indians the world over.

Kotak which has its head office in Mumbai is headed by Manish Kothari and has operations across India, with four specific locations namely ? Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. Navin Gupta heads the Western Region and Bhandari heads the Northern Region.

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[...] TYPES OF TRAINING Three categories followed at Kotak are: - ( Internal Training: - Such training programs will be specific to the needs of the company/business/functional unit and participation will be restricted only to company employees. ( External Training: - Employees, who have specific training needs, identified either through the Performance Management System or otherwise, may be sent for such training. These programs will normally be conducted by Professional Management bodies or by reputed Management institutes within the country. ( International Training: - For very specialized needs, employees may be sponsored by the company for courses conducted either by reputed universities or international management agencies located outside India. [...]

[...] RE-EMPLOYMENT ( In exceptional cases, the Bank is open to re-employing people who have previously worked with the Kotak Group, but they are to be cleared by HR. ( If the candidate has spent less than 2 years outside the Organization, he/she will be normally re-employed at the position last held and at the last drawn salary package (taking into consideration normal increment in the interim period). ( Any exceptional increase in salary offered, beyond above, will be on approval of Executive Director (ED). [...]

[...] In the organization which has many products, an executive head will be assigned the job of handling the product. Under a product manager there will be a number of employees who inurn will take care of the product and help in customer satisfaction FINANCE DEPARTMENT The department is concerned about the financial health of the organization. Department of finance is operational in KOTAK ,headquarters located at Mumbai. The department carries out the task of financial data analysis, accounting and banking transactions. [...]

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