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Brand identity mapping in India

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  1. Introduction
  2. Band identity structure
    1. Core identity
    2. Extended identity
  3. Brand identity strategy
    1. Names and logos as identity mortar
    2. Brand identity prism
  4. Brand identity for Onida
  5. The brand identity worksheet
  6. Brand identity of Infosys
  7. Brand identity of Tata
    1. Brand personality
    2. Brand strengths
    3. Brand weakness
    4. Brand architecture

When most people think about brand's identity, they usually think about the name, logo and the punch line. But identity consists of much more than that. It includes life style, symbols, colors, attitude, personality, visual style, brand voice and other mnemonic devices, characters, spokes people, package design, product design and the list goes on and on.
Brand identity is the total proposition that a company makes to consumers, that is the promise it makes. It consists of features, attributes, benefits performance, quality, service and the values that a brand possesses. Brand identity is everything a company wants the brand to be seen as.

In his 1992 book, Strategic brand management, Kapferer summarized brand identity this way: ?Though all things are possible when a brand is first created, after a time it acquires autonomy and its own meaning. Starting as a non-sense word attached to a new product, year after year, it acquires a meaning, composed of the memories of past emergent communication and products. It defines an area of legitimate possibilities, yet appreciates its own limitations?. A brand identity provides a direction, purpose and meaning for the brand. Band identity structure includes the core identity and the extended identity.

[...] On the emotional brand relationship ladder, INFOSYS moved past the awareness, involvement, and respect stages very early in its life. In fact, it thrives on trust and loyalty, which are highest stages. If we were to sum up the INFOSYS brand personality, the following characteristics would emerge: Trust worthy Transparent Inspirational Futuristic, and Innovative Brand strengths: A charismatic founder A pioneer in process Delivery champions Futuristic outlook Central focus on human capital High ethical standards Bran weakness: Founder-depended Brand architecture: Corporate branding for its various business units, including IT service, consulting, BPO, and so on. [...]

[...] Brand identity prism: A model is essential in helping to arrive at the specifics of a brand, the influence they wield on a brand performance and how these specifics can be arranged. Brand models are necessary for developing effective branding strategies and managing the tactics by referring to the guiding philosophies and strategies. A brand identity has six dimensions Brand physique: The physique dimension of the brand refers to the physical aspects, which are embedded in the product. These include salient objectives, features including name, color, logo and packaging. [...]

[...] The culture of the brand manifests itself in various aspects of the brand like the product it carries, its uniqueness, communications etc. Brand is an inspired manifestation of its culture. Service companies increasingly use culture as important element of the brand. An interesting example, which effectively makes use of cultural behavior, is the Pepsodent toothpaste commercial. Consuming snacks on the way to school is a ?cultural habit' passed on from one generation to another for the last several decades. Food is a strong cultural dimension, and any brand in the category would do well to take into consideration the cultural dimensions associated with food. [...]

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